Gerhard Strauß

Gerhard Strauß


Gerhard Strauß, experienced and successful entrepreneur

For over 25 years Mr. Gerhard Strauß is a down-to-earth and successful entrepreneur inthe realestate, craft and services sector.

His companies were founded and built by him. At the top, his companies had up to 100 employees. Through his former and existing memberships in numerous networks and clubs (among other things:for 7 years member and former president in the Lions club Nuremberg metropolitan region) he built up a correspondingly large network with well-known personalities from various circles and enterprise areas, what the mental basis for the merger of professional entrepreneurs in Cobanko Holding LLC was, because there is always something to improve from his experience-and yield optimization in times of the times is an essential process.

When selling his companies and real estate, along with the founding of Cobanko Holding LLC, he faced up to these new and interesting tasks, which are realized together with partners and partner companies with great dedication and professionalism.

Since 2016, Mr. Strauss has also been active in the area of active investment and participation business with his own assets, and is successfully managing this area with full commitment.

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